Problems And Their Solution

Why It’s Superior

Discover the science Behind the Best Hair Loss Product on the Market We do a research on the best hair loss product in the market.Let ‘s consider the three major problems you’ll encounter is you use ordinary hair loss product on the market.We’ll show you in our videos how we turn the problems into benefits for you.It seems like a magic!

Problem One : Fragile Coverage

To “solve” this problem,the instructions recommended that you buy their specially made spray (essentially a glue) to “lock in” the products.But the spray-on glue doesn’t really solve the problem – it’s a Mickey Mouse duct tape solution at best.And even worse, the spray-on glue leaves your hair feeling stiff, sticky and completely unnatural. The root cause of this trouble is quite simple: the natural bonding force between their product and the hair is very weak.

How We Solves the Problem at Its Root

On one hand, wool might seem like a logical choice.Actually , wool is hair.

And it is readily available everywhere.

But here’s the problem: in one respect, wool is TOO similar to human hair.

Have you ever pulled a wool sweater off of your head in the middle of winter and found your hair standing straight up and unruly like Einstein? Then you Know the laws of attraction and repulsion: like charges repel and opposite charges attract.

Both wool and human hair carry positive electrical charges, therefore they repel each other , and that’s the root cause of problem.

But ordinary hair thickening products choose to ignore that bit of basic science for the sake of convenience and cost saving. So they use wool, which human hair- simply obeying the laws of physics-tries to repel, therefore the product falls off easily. That’s why you have to use their specially-made spray glue to try to overcome the problem. We think it’s lot smarter to work with science.

We use the laws of physics to your advantage by using raw material called Moroccan Gossypium Herbaceum. The fiber extracted from this plant, which is almost identical to your hair, carries a negative charge, so-again, simply obeying the laws of physics – it wants to bond to your hair (positively charged).

Problem Two: A Dull, Lifeless Look

There are two basic approaches to eliminating bald spots orappearance of hair loss:

  1. Thickening your existing hair to amplify your hair volume, making the scalp invisible.
  2. Coloring the exposed scalp to match your hair color. This technique does hide the scalp in thinning areas, but does not increase hair volume.

Experienced theatrical and Hollywood makeup artists will tell you that the first approach, thickening existing hair, gives the most natural appearance. The second approach hides the scalp, obviously, but produces a dull unnatural look.

The weak electrical bonding between wool fibers and human hair that we described just above? Well ,that cause a secondary problem.

Since the wool fibers tend to be electrically repelled by human hair most of the product will fall down onto the scalp when being applied insert of clinging to existing hair as intended. So if you use ordinary hair thickening products, instead of thickening your hair, much of what you apply will effect be doing no more than coloring your scalp (the second approach mentioned above ).

Think that essentially spray- painting your scalp will give you a lustrous, natural appearance? Of course not. Your hair will look dull and lifeless.

But since our fibers bonds to your hair securely, working with science instead of against it, our fibers will thicken your hair shafts and amplify your hair volume. That will give you a fuller, natural looking head of hair, not a spray-painted scalp.

Problem Three : Discomfort

Ordinary products for hair loss on the mass market are loaded with synthetic chemicals: dyes, artificial preservatives, and fillers. And even worse, they may cause you even greater discomfort than just the disappointment you’ll feel when look in the mirror.

Many users of these products reports problem with itching and with rashes.

An In-Depth Look at the Science

Behind our Breakthrough Formula

As you know, materials attract or repel each other via electrostatic force: opposite charges attract and like charge repel.

To measure the strength of attraction among different materials, scientists rank them based upon the degree of each material’s positive or negative charge. This ranking is called the triboelectric Series, as shown on the right .

The greater the distance between their relative positions, the stronger the bonding force between any two materials.

As you can see, human hair and wool are very close together on the positive portion of the scale .With both of them positively charged, they are more likely to repel than attract each other. That’s why wool based hair building products do not bond well to hair.

And that’s why we use fibers derived from Moroccan Gossypium Herbaceum, a planet that only grows in arid regions of Morocco.

Look again at the Triboelectric Series, and notice the distance on the scale between Moroccan Gossypium Herbaceum Fiber and human hair. Notice also that the Gossypium Herbaceum is negatively charged, and that human hair is positively charged.

That explains why the electrostatic bonding force between our fibers and human hair is 200% stronger than between wool based fiber and human hair.

Because of our electro-bond advantage, we will remain bonded with your hair better with less fall out. And because of that naturally strong bond, our fibers adhere in greater numbers to your hair shafts, thickening them and making your hair look much fuller, more natural and lustrous.