> How does EMINENT Hair Building Fibre conceal thin hair ?

EMINENT Hair Building Fibre adheres to your existing hair with static electricity and make every single hair look thicker,adding volume in an instant.

> Will EMINENT Hair Building Fibre do damage to skin or hair ?

EMINENT Hair Building Fibre is made of natural fibre.It is  safer than the clothes you wear.

> Will EMINENT Hair Building Fibre stuffed in pores ?

EMINENT Hair Building Fibre look like a powder but it is a fibre cut into 0.3-0.5 mm which means it will not stuff in pore  And  mostly,the fibre are cling to the existing hair not scalp.

> Will EMINENT Hair Building Fibre fall off in wind or rain ?

 No,EMINENT Hair Building Fibre will stay in place in wind and rain by applying hair spray.

> Do we have to wash hair them out everyday ?  

Yeah, we recommend you to wash out everyday to make your hairstyle look.Greasy hair will make a ball of EMINENT Hair Building Fibre.It won't look natural.

> Does EMINENT Hair Building Fibre mark or stain if it is sprinkled on your clothes ? 

Definitely no,it will dust off easily and also won't mark or stain even if it is sprinkle on your clothes.It is not coloring but only a fiber.    

> How long does it last ?

It will last until you wash out with shampoo.We recommend you wash out every night.

> It is OK to put on a hat or helmet ?

No,but in case you do,be careful not to rub off when the hat or helmet touches directly to EMINENT Hair Building Fibre.

> Is this only for man ?

No,thousand of women are also using EMINENT Hair Building Fibre.We have 12 different colors for the people all over the world.